Football baby! Football!

Week One matchup; results update

Go Mustangs!

16-14 Raiders in last year’s opener?  22-20 Mustangs comeback in the playoffs?

Matchups don’t get closer than that.  The last team Bolingbrook faced last year is the first team they face this year as Downers South (2009 9-3) again host the Raiders (2009 9-2) for the Mustangs season opener Friday at 7:30pm.  These two programs have been even matchups for years, and this season looks to continue one of the best west ‘burbs non-conference rivalries.  Both teams will be looking to make statements to each other, and to put the 8A division on notice.  Mustangs have all new defenders that will face an immediate and severe test from B’brook’s traditional punishing ground game.  Raiders face the same Mustang offensive line that moved the pile and the markers for coach Belskis last year.

The Mustangs ran the WSG table 6-0 last year after a halting start, finishing with a gritty quarterfinal playoff loss to offensive juggernaut Glenbard West 7-3.

WEEK 1: As expected, a tough close game featuring a B’brook high powered ground attack. Raider QB Aaron Bailey puts up 244 all purpose yards including a touchdown run of 81 yards and 42 yard run that set up another TD. Not expected, South commits three turnovers,  defense looks confused, and Mustangs never get passing game on track.   Raiders put together  enough ground drives to control the clock and with a late game INT seal the deal to beat the Mustangs 28-21.

Game recap here.

Go Trojans!

Downers North Trojans (2009 1-8) look to get off to a fast start to a new season hosting the Lockport Porters (2009 6-4) this Friday at 7:30.  They won’t be looking back on last year, but will be looking to return to playoff form in the WSS conference.  Working for them, a raft of starting sophomores return to this year’s D as seasoned juniors on a mission, and the offensive line that was a highlight of last year returns largely intact.

WEEK1: Trojan Fred Palma starts the Trojan season with a wild 68 yard TD run on the first play, but Lockport comes in with all cylinders running and leaves the Trojans in the dust with an impressive 42-20 victory.

Game recap here.

Go Broncos!

Did somebody say 5A STATE CHAMPS?

The Montini Broncos (2009 10-4) open their 2009 State Championship title defense…against Joliet Catholic (2009 11-3), the heavily favored team they beat in a never-sit-down, last second, go for it all, win or lose stunning upset 29-28 5A Championship game last fall in Champaign.

Can it get any harder?  You bet…play the legendary Hilltoppers (13 state championships since 1975) in Joliet on their home turf this Friday at 7:30, where they’re waiting to visit revenge upon the Broncos.  Montini brings their full bore four quarter effort, and team leaders with experience in big games.  Broncos will be working hard this season, looking for their 18th straight year in the playoffs.

WEEK 1:   Joliet Catholic (ranked #5 in preseason polls) pounds out 290 yards on the ground and adds two play action TD’s to beat Montini 21-7 on the Hilltoppers home field.  Bronco QB Matt Westerbrook injures shoulder.

Game recap here.

6 Responses to “Football baby! Football!”
  1. DGDAD 26 August 2010 at 10:38 am #

    If you can’t get your fill under Friday night Lights…The Panther Jr Football organization is having its opening “Kick Off Classic bowl” weekend at doerhoffer. Saturday thru Sunday….Future, Broncos, Stangs, and Trojans in the making :))) I love fall.

  2. DG_DA 28 August 2010 at 2:24 pm #

    Gotta credit the DGS AD for picking tough non-conference opponents to tune up the team for the rest of the season. Glenbard West will be an even bigger challenge next week.

    Although a good overall effort, turnovers sealed DGS fate in this one.

    Have to wonder. Why with plenty of time on the clock with the running game going wild did they switch into the weakest aspect of their game, passing, in a drive to tie the score while inside the 50??? The last 4 offensive plays looked awful.

  3. Earl M. McGuire 28 August 2010 at 9:08 pm #

    I hope next week all three home area team favorites win!

  4. Not Sure 28 August 2010 at 10:58 pm #

    DGS has to keep scheduling quality non-conference opponents, it’s the only way to prepare for the playoffs with such a poor conference.

  5. Earl M. McGuire 6 September 2010 at 8:58 am #

    Off the topic, but related to the local sports fans and sports observers. The future of the Chicago Cubs in Des Moines, Iowa go Iowa Cubs go! Even through they didn’t win yesterday that game was lots of fun. Not that my opinion matters but Manager Sanberg is more than ready for the show next season. Go! Cubs Go! As nuts as this may sound but it is going to happen In our lifetimes!

  6. KellyDGM 6 September 2010 at 3:50 pm #

    Don’t hold your breath on that one Earl….