The comeback kid

The comeback kid

I posted this on Downers Grove Patch this morning. It marks the comeback of the DGreport brand. Initially, there will be a weekly column on Patch. Eventually, I may return to blogging, although perhaps in a slightly different format. Feel free to share your ideas.

Hello again.

It’s been well over a year since I ended my column, shuttered my newsblog and signed on as the first editor of Downers Grove Patch. What I’ve missed the most since then is the chance to share my views on local government and politics.

Some of you may remember my former Downers Grove Sun column, “View from Downers Grove,” or my blog, “DGreport.” Others, however, know me only as the neutral former editor of Patch. I hope it doesn’t come as a surprise that I’ve got opinions about the town I’ve called home for 15 years.

Now, thanks to Patch, I’m back where I belong—sharing my perspectives and opinions and inviting you to do the same.

As long as I’ve been writing about Downers Grove, I’ve made it a point to acknowledge that mine is just one opinion among many. You are more than welcome to disagree and to make your opinion known in the comments section.

I have a couple of rules I’ve always tried to follow and I hope you’ll consider embracing them as well. It’s okay to disagree, even vehemently. It’s not okay to get personal. This is Downers Grove. There are plenty of issues to debate today without making it uncomfortable to greet your adversary on the street tomorrow.

So let’s discuss: liquor code amendments, the 2012 village budget, last month’s recycling extravaganza, the District 99 nepotism policy, the upcoming District 58 superintendent search, the board and commission appointment process, turf battles, campaigns, the local use of social media, local business initiatives and so much more.

See you back here next week with the new “DG Report.”

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