Downers Grove is a great town. Isn’t it time someone made the effort to really cover it?

With a population of almost 50,000 educated and involved citizens, this village deserves more than a handful of local news pages in a weekly tabloid. The DGreport will deliver Downers Grove news and opinion on a daily basis so you no longer have to wait a week to learn what happened at a council meeting or event. We can’t promise we’ll cover everything, but you can count on us for your fix of news, analysis and commentary on Downers Grove politics and issues.

And because this is a blog, you don’t have to wait to challenge, dispute or add to anything or everything that appears in a post. Our hope is that together we can develop a forum for intelligent people to discuss and reflect on life in their town. Toward that end, we will require contributors to keep things appropriate, eschewing personal attacks and respecting everyone’s right to their own opinion.

Elaine Johnson was a staff reporter at the Wall Street Journal and Kansas City Star, freelanced for national magazines and currently writes the Sun’s “View from Downers Grove” column.