Professional Services

I’m a journalist by training, a marketing communications writer by necessity and a blogger by choice.¬† All of this expertise is yours for a fee, which we can discuss. I’m also happy to share my knowledge of the media, the interview process, and how to advance a potent corporate or political message — again for a fee.

My work has appeared in publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal to Modern Bride. As a generalist with — yikes! — 30 years experience, I can pretty much cope with any topic and even make it sing. However, I have a special affinity for opinion pieces, such as my weekly column for the Sun-Times New Group, which I’ve written for six years.

I’ve produced marketing communications including annual reports, press releases, and Web copy for various organizations including, most recently, Helping Girls Navigate Adolescence Inc.

As for blogging, I think it’s the greatest invention since cold type for communicating on a grand scale at minimal cost. The DGreport is my experiment in hyperlocal blogging, but your needs may run to keeping your clients¬† informed on your latest corporate developments or crafting a daily interactive message for your company or practice Web site.

I see lots of potential for using blogs to enlighten, entertain and engage customers, clients and the general public. Let’s talk.